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Ghar Ka Chirag (1967)

  • LanguageHindi

When a man makes fun of destiny, destiny smiles back at him. Mr. Kumar (Rajesh Khanna) used to say- a persons success is not written on the Palms of ones hand but lies in his hard work and determination. The first turn of destiny replaced happiness with tears of sadness in his life, his beloved wife and would be son were snatched away by the force of destiny. With this heavy, deep and profound loss, he left for a far out place in search of peace.
In a place like paradise, with fascinating natural beauty, cold water springs where 2 young throbbing hearts- Ravi (Chunkey Pandey) and Kiran (Neelam) - locked in love from the very moment they set eyes on each other. Seeing them together one only thought that the Lord Almighty had perfectly made them for each other. On learning of their mad love for each other and before people talked about them, Kirans father (Om Shiv Puri) agreed to the match. When Ravi phoned and informed his parents, they were thrilled and agreed immediately.
Their bond of love grew so great that Ravi & Kiran did something that one does not do before marriage, but in their eyes it was no sin. Their marriage was to be held when Ravi returned from the Trans Himalayan Rally. There was a great scream from Kiran when her father broke the news of Ravis' death. Moreover what should not have happened took place. Kiran was pregnant. The shocked and shameful father was saved by Kumar when he stopped Kiran from committing suicide and agreed to marry her and let the child have his name. Kumar was overjoyed at the birth of his son Suraj and the dark & void space in his life was not filled with happiness & joy. Destiny at last has had some pity on him. Ravi was not dead. He had survived the crash. When Kirans father got the news he could not believe his ears as Kiran was now already married to Kumar and hence lied to Ravi and his parents that Kiran had suicide when she heard of Ravis' death.
Destiny was sleeping, the game was not over. Five years later the car rally was started again and reading that Ravi managed to convince his parents to permit him to participate. Ravi arrived in Mussorie and visited all the places he used to visit with Kiran. One day he came across the little boy Suraj they got attracted like magnetism to each other. As Suraj was not well, he asked his mother to inform his friend that he would not be able to meet him. Kiran now came face to face in front of Ravi.
The volcanic situation created the lava to explode out an in the midst of the crater was 5 year old child, Suraj.
- Will Ravi know the truth Suraj is his child...
- Will Kiran return the Mangalsutra to Kumar to be back with her first love.
-Will Kumar use his pistol to retain his happiness.
-Will the custody of Suraj be with Kumar or Ravi.
For the answers - GHAR KA CHIRAAG.