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Jannat (1949)

  • LanguageHindi

Lust the root of all evils and Love the mother of all virtues came at a draggers drawn. Haman and Kahin became tools as King and head of the religion and promulgated once the belief in "Divine Rights of King".
Kahin announced the necessity of offering country. Virgin to the so called God of "JANNAT" with an assurance that all those such blessed Virgins, who will be accepted by the God will go to heaven with a living life. But nature had its own say. Jabaren a young man revolted against this illusinary belief and at the same time Kahin also was forced to revolt, his own daughter being trapped for offering to the so called "God" Kahin wanted to hide his daughter till her marriage but could not do so. When the question came of his own daughter though, Kahin was a part and partial and the chief commander of the King for advancing illusinary belief in the public that the so called God must be pleased with offering's of the Virgin's of the country, revolted against the custom, revolted against the King. Sohela the daughter of Kahin and Jabaren had sweels relations. But, Jabaren did not know that she is the daughter of Kahin. Kahin requested Jabaren to get married his daughter. Ignorant as he was, that she was Sohela, Jabaren, refused releasing that Kahina and his daughter must suffer for the sufferances that have been breeded by Kahina for the country's Virgin damsells being sent illusionaly to the MAN MADE "JANNAT", a jannat not of peace and branguility but of tortures. Naturally when the question of Suhela's offering came the united front of Jabaren. Kahin and Sohela could create a resistence from the public, resulting into opening of the secrets of "JANNAT" and death punishment to the King and Jabaren, Sohela, lived happily thereafter.
The truth perveded and won the Battle.