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Main Intaqaam Loonga (1982)

  • LanguageHindi

Janaki is an overindulgent mother. Although her son Kumar is a grown up young man, she treats him as if he is still a child. Her life has no meaning without her son - Kumar is very fond of boxing but his mother is deadly against it. One day when he was returning from a boxing bout and entering his room via the drain pipe his neighbour Mala (a young self styled detective) sees him and exposes him to his mother. This starts a serious quarrel between Kumar and Mala which ultimately melts into love between them. Life for all was very sweet and exciting until one day Kumar learns that Janaki was not his real mother. His real mother Ganga is returning home after spending twenty five years in a lunatic asylum. And then the tranquility, peace and happiness of the family receive a severe jolt. Emotional earthquake rocks the lives of everyone. 

Did Janaki reconcile to part with her foster son? Did Ganga claim her son? And which mother did Kumar go to? Above all why did Ganga spend twenty five years in the Lunatic Asylum? 

For all these answers and for many more, see the story of 'Main Intaquam Loonga' unfolding in dramatic and exciting way on the screen.

(From the official press booklets)