indian cinema heritage foundation

nhp centre

NHP Centre is an independent research foundation striving to creatively document India’s rich cultural heritage, traditions and practices, in particular from the twentieth century, for the benefit of future generations.

The Foundation seeks to inspire the youth to engage with art and culture while pursuing their economic goals and aspirations so that they continue to realize and manifest their cultural identity within the unique plurality of the cultural hierarchies of India.

The Centre is a humble yet path-breaking effort to introduce an alternate culture of community work where giving is not perceived as a charity but a responsibility; where one who receives is not recognised in any way smaller than the one who gives; where programs delivered are not listed as an accomplishment but a service; where engagements are not in the form of tutorials but as dialogues; and where youthful energy is reflected in actions, entrepreneurial acumen in decision making and humility in conduct.

Ours is an engagement of the equals!

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