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Anchored by Indian Cinema Heritage Foundation and the Team, Cinemaazi is a collaborative effort of many scholars, experts and others.

A number of institutions and people before us have tirelessly carried out tremendous work in documenting the rich history and heritage of Indian cinema. Many out of them continue to passionately build on their previous work even today. Not only do they deeply inspire us, we also benefit enormously from their work in our humble effort of documenting Indian film history. While we acknowledge their contribution as a source of information wherever relevant, we would like to make a special mention of a few such institutions and people here:

  • Directorate of Film Festivals, Government of India

  • National Film Archive of India

  • Late Shri B.D. Garga

  • Shri Virchand Dharamsey

  • Late Shri Firoze Rangoonwala

  • Shri Suresh Chabria

  • Shri Amrit Gangar

  • Shri Ashish Rajadhyaksha and Shri Paul Willemen

  • Shri Har Mandir Singh Hamraaz

  • S Theodore Bhaskaran

  • Sanjit Narwekar

  • Anandan

  • Shri Harish Raghuvanshi

  • Shri Anil Bhargava

  • Shri Pankaj Raj

  • Shri Manek Premchand

  • Shri Karan Bali and Upperstall

  • Shri Surjit Singh

  • Shri Arunkumar Deshmukh

  • Atul Song a Day Blogsite

  • Shri Nand Kishore

  • Cinestaan

  • Cineplot

  • Osianama

Indian Cinema Heritage Foundation is deeply grateful to its consultants and writers without whose guidance and support Cinemaazi would not have been possible.

Others whose contribution needs mention is:

  • Gautam Chintamani

    Consultant – Hindi Cinema
  • Ujjal Chakraborty

    Consultant – Bengali Cinema
  • Sanjit Narwekar

    Consultant – Marathi Cinema
  • CSV

    Consultant – Malayalam Cinema
  • Bhim Raj Garg

    Consultant – Punjabi Cinema
  • Isidor Dantas

    Consultant – Konkani Cinema
  • Goutam Chatterjee

    Content Writer- Bengali Cinema
  • Pritham Chakravarty

    Consultant – Tamil Cinema
  • Hanif Zaveri



Although the visuals are primarily from the private collection of the founders and are free of copy right, we acknowledge and extend due credit to the people, dead or alive, who created these visuals which we marvel even decades later.

In cases where visuals used or posted or referred may be copy right of individuals or bodies, it is clarified that they have been used for bonafide purpose as part of documentation of the history of Indian cinema, without seeking any commercial gains from their usage, and every care has been taken to provide due credit at relevant places. As pointed out, Indian Cinema Heritage Foundation is a not for profit body and Cinemaazi is a freely access platform. The registration and payment of fee, to access select sections, is in the nature of donation, to meet part of the cost of the project. The end beneficiary of use of the said assets is the rightful owner himself/herself. In the event, inadvertently or for reasons unintentional, proper or appropriate credit has not been attributed in respect of any asset, please write on and Indian Cinema Heritage Foundation would endeavour to promptly address the issue after examination.

Notwithstanding the above, Indian Cinema Heritage Foundation will, as far as possible, seek to share and distribute images and video-related content in a reasonably low-resolution format, or with watermarks, so as to protect the commercial viability of such content.