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Ashwani (1992)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm

Prabhakar once a National Champion, is cunningly framed by his co-runner Joseph and he is debarred from entering the race. Presently, he is a gym attendant attached to a stadium.

Ashwani, a slum dweller living nearby plays tricks on the girls who come there for running practice (Track practice). She drives them away and steals food from their tiffin baskets.

She does other petty thefts too and when people try to catch her, she runs at a terrific speed. On one such occasion Prabhakar notices the girl, gets impressed and persuades her to take up training in running. She accepts reluctantly knowing little about the laurels the sports could bring her. She even loses a race. Becoming aware of sacrifice that her coach has committed in training her, she puts heart and soul into it and wins District and State meets.

P.T. Usha becomes her next goal. To the surprise of her own coach she beats P.T. Usha in two successive races. The whole country admires her. Prabhakar's immediate aim is to take her to Asian Games. They are preparing for qualifying meet at Delhi, when Prabhakar meets with an accident manoeuvred by Joseph, his arch rival.

Ashwani left all alone becomes a victim of Joseph's sinister conspiracy making it almost impossible for her to participate in the qualifying meet at Delhi. Does she reach Delhi in time? Does she take part in the qualifying meet...? Does she fulfil her mentor's ambition...?

These are the salient questions which invade your mind and keep you on edge with ever-mounting suspense to make "ASHWANI", a movie deeply absorbing and unique a as film entertainment.

(From the official press booklet)