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Badi Bahen (1993)

  • LanguageHindi

Shankar is a poor gardener. His daughter Jyoti who infact is the light of Seth Kedarnath's house and who was lost in the childhood. To search her out, the city's two young detective agents Ram and Balram grew old. Anyway, Jyoti is happy today, whenever she is. Shankar who use to be a hopeless sad person, but Jyoti came into his life as a daughter and lit the flame of hope and happiness. Here, Seth Kedarnath is so happy with his younger daugherSeema, that he almost forgot the sadness of separation of his elder daughter Jyoti. It was his utmost love towards Seema, which in turn dragged her out of the right path of life.

Seth Dwarka Prasad is having two children, Vijay and Asha. Jyoti too grew up in their house and became young. Friends of childhood, Vijay and Jyoti they themselves did not know that they like each other. They only came to know when Vijay had to leave for America for his crash course. Vijay promises to live and die for Jyoti and leaves. Seth Dwarka Prasad came to know that Jyoti is dreaming to become owner of his house, so he knows Shankar and Jyoti out of the house. Unfortunately in a train accident Shanker and Jyoti are separated.

Vijay returns from America and searches Jyoti. But he could not find her anywhere. One day he finds her, but then it is late to know that she is the mother of a child. What do you think, Jyoti did fraud with Vijay? If not, then who is the child to whom Jyoti loves above her life? What happened to Seema who was on the wrong path and gave birth to a child before marriage? Did Seth Kedarnath get his daughter who was lost? Did Ram, Balram get success in finding the lost child? For the answer S.I. Films, "BADI BAHEN" You will definitely enjoy the comedy of the two innocent detective agents and will feel pity on their innocency.


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