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Bikaley Bhorer Phul (1974)

  • GenreDrama, Romance
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageBengali
  • Run Time97 minutes
  • Length3937.8 meters
  • Number of Reels15
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number73441
  • Certificate Date25/06/1974
  • Shooting LocationTechnicians Studio

The film depicts the life of Anish Mitra, an eminent poet and personality. A busy person, Anish does not have time for starting a family. He is a middle-aged bachelor and committed to remain so for the rest of his life. However, his family expects different from him. His sister wants him to see a girl for marriage. His father and brother want him to be more involved in their family business. Publishers and literary societies are constantly requesting him to do something for them. Tired of all this, Anish decides to go to Digha, a popular sea beach in Bengal, to run far away from this melee. There he meets Mrs Sita Ray, his neighbour, who is a professor and supervisor of the girl’s section of an inter-college camp at Digha. On her request, Anish visits the girls' camp that night. There he requests the girls to sing something. Tuku, a singing prodigy, impresses him with a soulful number. Then the girls ask him to tell a story. Obliging them, Anish narrates a terrifying ghost story. The next day, he is mobbed by the girls at the beach. Tuku seems to develop a liking for him. Anish is also requested by the boys of the camp to visit their contingent too. He shares some great moments with the people at the camp, especially with Tuku. The camp ends and everyone leaves except Tuku whose family is there. She introduces him to her family and joins him on a drive in his car. Both seem to be happy in each other's company and a beautiful friendship develops. She confides in him her deepest fears and anxieties. Anish, too, likes Tuku's presence. Things take a different turn after they visit the Kapalkundola temple where the priest mistake them to be a couple. Tuku seems to relish this error which does not amuse Anish. His proximity to Tuku is noticed by Alok, someone Tuku might have been involved with in the past. Anish stops Alok from humiliating her in a drunken outburst. Something is suddenly changed in Anish. He decides to leave Digha a day prior. Tuku is heartbroken by Anish's abrupt change in behaviour. She wants to accompany on his way back to Calcutta. In a moment of epiphany, Anish explains to her that their relationship was never meant to be. He stresses on their difference in age and attitudes to life. However, he assures her that what they shared was special and that she would find the company she deserves in life. The film ends with Anish and Tuku sharing one last ride together in Anish's car.