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Boxer (1984)

  • LanguageHindi

Dharma (Danny) who is a drunkard now was once a famous Boxer, who could not become a champion because of his bad luck. Dharma now wanted his son Shanker (Mithun) to become a boxer and fulfil his dream to become the champion. But Shanker knew that, if his mother Savitri (Tanuja) would not have taken the responsibility of the family, Dharma's drinking habit would have ruined not only mother and son, but also his younger brother Sonu (Baby Pinky) completely. How could he fulfill the dream of his father in this circumstances? This was the main reason father and son could not get along with each other. Poverty forced Shanker to become a thief. One day while escaping from the police Shanker meets Rajani (Rati). This meeting gradually turns into love. Shanker lies to Rajni that he is a businessman but one day Shanker is caught and he goes to jail.

When Savitri comes to know, she threatens to take poison, Shanker takes an oath that he will never steal in his life. To lead an honest life, Shanker is forced to become a boxer.

Tony Braganza, (Parikshit) who is a nursing grudge against the reigning champion Raghuraj (Sharat Saxena) trains Shanker for the championship title. Raghuraj wins the Championship title on technical points but in the eyes of people and critics, Shanker is acclaimed as a better boxer. Champion Raghuraj's big ego could not digest the verdict of people and critics, he challenges Shanker for another fight but Shankar had promised Rajni before marrying her that he will never fight again because Rajni knew that if Shankar gets hurt on his left eye, he can die. But one day, circumstances forces Rajni to take her oath back. She forces Shanker to fight Raghuraj for the title.

What happens in the fight? Why Rajani forces Shanker to fight? Why Shanker defies his own death and fights against all odds?

Answer to all these questions in the emotional story of 'BOXER'.

(From the official press booklet)