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Chalis Chor (1976)

  • Release Date1976
  • LanguageHindi
  • Shooting LocationSathya & Vauhini Studios

Ameer with his wife Nazeema Begum schemes and turns out his younger brother Alibaba and his sister Laila.

While dancing in  a Cafe Marjina is insulated by Jaffar. Marjina with her mamu takes shelter in Alibaba's house.

While cutting trees in the jungle, Alibaba accidently finds out the secret hide-out of the Sardar and his forty thieves. Alibaba becomes rich.
Ameer comes to know of the secret of Alibaba's wealth and leaves for the hide out, but having forgotten the magic words "OPEN SESAME" while trying to come out of the hide-out. He is cought by the Sardar who orders him to be decapitated. Alibaba succeeds in bringing the severed head and body to his house. Marjina brings Shakoor the shoe-maker blind-folded and gets the head of Ameer sewn to the body.

When Sardar of forty thieves finds out the truth he visits the palace of Alibaba in the guise of a Soudagar with his 40 thieves hidden in big jars supposed to contain oil. Marjina recognises the Sardar and enacts a dance before him. During dance all the jugs with thieves are destroyed by throwing in the valley. In the end of dance Marjina rushes to kill Sardar but Alibaba intervenes. The Sardar escapes with Marjina on horseback and brings her to his hide-out.

In one of the most thrilling climaxes Alibaba succeeds in rescuing Marjina and saving himself from the very jaws of death. Thus all is well that end well.


[from the official press booklet]