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Chenra Tamsukh (1974)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageBengali
  • Run Time79 minutes
  • Length2506 meters
  • Number of Reels11
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number73465
  • Certificate Date26/07/1974

The film is centered around the troubled lives of four college friends: Bijoli, Prabhat, Naresh and Shankar. In spite of being graduates, none of them are employed and lead their lives in utter poverty and destitution. Under such circumstances, they are forced to do things they would have never liked to. Bijoli lives in a rented house with her parents who cannot provide for the family. Brajen, a rich friend from her college days, helps her family economically. He does so not because he is a good friend of Bijoli's but he has his eyes on Bijoli. The other three friends pass their days without doing anything significant. They roam on the streets like urchins and earn a little something by doing illegal activities like breaking wagons. They like to spend their time loafing in a cafe or sitting by a rail overbridge. One day they recognise Bijoli walking on the overbridge. Prabhat approaches her and reminds her of their days in college. All four of them go to a film theatre and then spend some time at the cafe. On her way back, Bijoli visits Brajen's place who hides her for being around with her infamous friends. He plays a song sung by Bijoli way back in her college days and makes advances on her. Bijoli rejects him straightaway and leaves by paying off an old debt. The next day she waits for the group only to be informed that Shankar had been injured by a gunshot. She visits the group hiding in a factory. They bond and spend quality time together. After that, the group of Prabhat, Naresh and Shankar are employed by a political party to do some shady work. Fresh troubles arise in Bijoli's life. Her father is given an ultimatum by the landlord to clear the rent due for months or else they would be evicted. Finding no other avenue to raise the sum, Bijoli sells her body to Brajen. Her house is saved but she is changed from thereon. She reduces the frequency of the visits to the cafe. One day, the friends decide to find out about Bijoli and ask Naresh to make enquiries. Bijoli meets them at the cafe and requests them to lead a straight life and get settled. All of them together attend a poets' convention too. One day, the group comes to know that Bijoli had committed suicide. The postmortem report revealed her to be pregnant. They decide to find out who was responsible for this. Later, each of them confesses to have taken advantage of Bijoli who neither resisted nor accepted their advances. Even Brajen holds himself responsible for her death. He declares that he had never received love from her and that she only loved the three of them. Brajen then plays the recording of the song sung by Bijoli. The film ends with each of the friends experiencing the compunctions of guilt over Bijoli's death.