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Dharti Na Chhoru (1970)

  • LanguageGujarati

DHARTI NA CHHORU produced in gujarati is a love story of the sons of the soil. It springs from the green fields and the womb of mother earth.
    JEEVAN is a young cultivator working hard on his fields. He has faith in his own ability and strength. He is loved by the entire village for his kindness and good character. NANDU, a village belle, is attracted to jeevan, but jeevan had givin his heart to another girl RUPA.
    Jeevan and rupa love each other deeply and dream of marriage, but soon the shadow of evil fate is cast on their lives in the form of an evil man named BABAR who started creating rift between the lovers by foul and malicious methods. Their love is in danger. Jeevan’s dreams were shattered by babar who was as cunning and evil as devil itself. As a result of babar’s treachery, rupa had to marry a Zamindar Thakur, who had already one daughter by his first wife.
    Jeevan became disillusioned with life and started neglecting his fields. Nandu met jeevan and advised him not to be disheartened over the disappointment in love and go ahead and try to forget it by working hard a usual, in his fields.
    On the other side rupa informed her husband Thakur that though she had married him her heart was with jeevan and that he would not get her love throughout her life.
    Could Thakur accept her in this condition? Then that was the purpose of his marriage ? he knew he would get rupa’s love ………
    And what will a husband do to a woman he married and who loves another man?


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