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Do Ansoo (1950)

  • LanguageHindi

“DO ANSOO” is a story of two sister, brought up in two different, environments-one in a noble, Muslim family, the other in a prostitutes den.   

Nawab Masud Mirza, a rich landlord fell an easy prey to the tentacles of a ravishing prostitute to the utter disregard of the wishes and entreaties of his devoted wife. He played ducks and drakes with his inherited millions until daughter was born each to his wife and the prostitute-Naheed. He took the birthof Shahnaz, as a challenge to his honour and he determined to rescue her, come what may.

Nawab Masud Mirza disposed of his bungalow, the last vestige of his father’s riches in order to feed the avarice of Naheed’s fathers. He foresaw all stages, he had to pass through, entreaties, murder jail, but he was undaunted. Failing to buy back his daughter from the greedy clutches of prostitution, he had to kill Naheed’s father and he was sent behind the bars, for fourteen years.

The loyal wife-Azra-took refuge in a village with the family’s faithful servant Bakeshu-who thenceforward took temporary charge of the welfare of the mother and daughter. The girl-Nuri began to grow-up in an atmosphere of domesticity and nobility and played out her childhood and girlhood with Aslam-the Zaildar’s son, to whom she was engaged at 14.

On the other side, the second sister Shahnaz grew up, under the personal care and supervision of Naheed to be a beautiful bewitching dancer. Naheed put her heart and soul into making her well versed in the art of giving heart-throbs and sleepless nights to heirs of big fortunes but this was not to be destiny had ordained otherwise.

Cut off from the world of blood and flesh, Nawab Masud Mirza spent the fourteen years of his imprisonment in the world of hard labour and dreams. The thought of Nuri and Shahnaz loomed large over his mind, until one day his term be came to a sudden end, and headed straight to Bakhshu’s village to see Nuri & Azra. But, lest he ruin Nuri’s prospects of happy married life, he left the village for good, devoting the rest of his life to the rescue of Shahnaz.

For what came of his efforts, please see “DO ANSOO”.