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Himmatwali (1974)

  • Release Date1974
  • GenreAction
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Shooting LocationVenus Studios, Vasu Studios, Vauhini Studios, Golden Studios, Vijaylaxmi Photo Sounds

Woman, wine and wealth have been tickling man to his fall since the dawn of the world and this photoplay reveals the above truth.

Shyamlal with his rich wife Annapurna and ten year old daughter Shanthi is leading a happy life. Meera a poor girl with her mother and drunken uncle Premnath is living in the backyard of Shyamlal's palace with her trained animals Shivdass (Bull), Laxmandass (Dog) and Hanumanth (Monkey) who are also the good friends of the child Shanthi.

In the same city there is a big hotel "RIM JIM" and in it there is a club called "TIGER's CLUB" with all big wigs conducted by the proprietor Raja of "Rim Jim" hotel. A gang led by a masked person is killing the rich members of the club one by one and looting their properties.

The Police in their attempt to catch the killer have appointed a secret agent who could fix the gang in a film and concealed the negative in the doll of the child Shanthi before he met his death in the hands of the killer. Further the killer in his trail to get the film kills Shyamlal and his wife. Meera the bullet fighter with the help of her animal friends kicks every one of them and saves the child Shanthi.

These murders have rocked the whole city and The Central Bureau of Investigation Delhi have to depute their talented officer Sridhar, the brother of Late Shyamlal to unearth the monstrous killer Sridhar disguised as shehnai player joins Meera and starts his work.

Now the thrills start at every stage. Daring Jyoti Laxmi on one side and dashing Ramakrishna on the other side with the help of their animal soldiers how they could save the Million Dollar worth Child Shanthi from the most cruel hands of the gang, one should see the picture HIMMATWALI and believe.

[From the official press booklet]