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Imtihan (1994)

  • LanguageHindi

IMTIHAN, a story of which is a test of wits, guts, emotion & relationship.
Vicky is a star-singer, on his visit to Ooty for a show, he falls in love with Preeti 
Preeti is a subdued, quiet character, who shows no encouragement to Vicky, but adamant Vicky manages to convince her father Dindayal for their marriage. Preeti objects, her father a heart patient is hospitalised and Preeti is put in a situation where she has no choice but to get married to Vicky.
Vicky showers all his charms on her to keep her as happy as he can, but in return she does not give love to him, as a wife. She has a past.... She was in love with Raja, but when her father came in their way, they had walked out on him. But Raja's enemies K.K. & his son Gulshan did not let Raja have his happiness last for long - they attacked him & Raja had died, Leaving Preeti, drowned in his memories. Now she was married to a man who know nothing of her past & loved her to an extreme. Then at a stage, quitly of the extent a man could go to plead for his love she gives in and all is happy & beautiful.
But, then her past catches on Characters from her past start shadowing her. There are surprises followed by moments which are mysterious. What happened?
Does she sail through smoothly or is she trapped?


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