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Jai Maa Karva Chauth (1994)

  • Genredrama, mythological
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Length3889.74 meters
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate NumberU-20209-MUM
  • Certificate Date01-06-1994

Married ladies observe fasting on Karva Chauth Day for their husbands happy long life & prosperity.

On this day they pray for the blessings from the goddess Maa Karva Chauth to let them remain forever "Suhagan".

All the blessed Suhagans of the neighbourhood gather at one place before the Moon Rise and together they hear to the story of "Mata Karva Chauth". The story which they hear on the day of "Mata Karva Chauth" we have transformed it into a full length feature film.

In a very rich family a daughter is born after the birth of seven sons. All seven brothers loved their little sister "Gauri" (Meera Madhuri). They always have their meals together. During that era the area is horrified by a dangerous dacoit Dharam Singh (Ramesh Tiwari). Due to certain circumstances Dharam Singh dacoit becomes Rakhee brother of Gauri. During Gauri's childhood she is engaged to a boy (Shankar) from a nearby village. Both get married. After her marriage she returns to her parents house for the first time and during that time Karva Chauth Day happens to come and Gauri observes fast on that day. As per tradition she wanted to break her fast after the moon rise but all her seven brothers cannot bear to see their dear sister being hungry so the brother together they plan to show Gauri a false moon. The eldest sister in-law (Nandeeta Thakur) tries to stop her husbands Gauri's eldest brother (Deepak Qazir), together with the rest of his brothers manages to get Gauri to break her fast. As a result Mata Karva Chauth (Renuka Singh) gets very angry. Mata's curses Gauri and so her husband dies. (Interval)

After the interval the story shows the struggle of the seven brothers and their dear sister Gauri. Can Gauri succeed to save her husband's death from the curse of Mata Kara Chauth?

The curse of Mata Karva Chauth?

Karva Chauth day falls once a year and during this day Gauri had to go through many obstacle?

How did Narad (Sudhir Dalvi) help Gauri?

Where was dacoit Dharam Sigh for all this while?

How did Gauri save herself form the Khalanayaks (Firoz Irani & Aruna Mathur)? What role did Gauri's father & Mother in-law play?

To know all these answers to these questions you must come and see this Jodidar Pictures' "JAI MAA KARVA CHAUTH".

(From the official press booklet)