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Jalim Jadugar (1960)

  • LanguageHindi

Maya - the queen of Mayanagari, was possessed of a great ambition to bring the entire world under her rule of Black Magic. She resolved to invade Roopnagar-the biggest kingdom of that time, where her own brother-NAGRAJ-was the Vizier. Nagraj decided to remove Princess Rupmati out of his way in order to seize power in the State
One day when Princess Rupmati went on Shikar, Nagraj availed the opportunity to kill her by his black magic but his efforts were thwarted by the timely intervention of a brave youth BAHADUR-a poor woodcutter, Princess Rupmati escaped the spell of Nagraj's black magic but could not help herself from falling in love with her Rescuer. The king invited Bahadur and Bulbul in DARBAR and bestowed on them State Honours. Nagraj jealous as he was, tried to kill Bahadur by his magic tricks, but always failed before the power of Bahadur's TAWIZ. Finally he sought help from his sister Queen Maya. On the pretext of collecting revenue, he sent Bahadur to Mayanagari, and put the King into prison. He also confined the princess in Magic Cave. Maina and Bulbul who tried to free Princess Rupmati, were also imprisoned in the Magic Cage.
Queen Maya tried to kill Bahadur on his way to Mayanagari but even the Magic Volcano and the big horrible Demon failed to end his life. Bahadur with the help of Patalvi who gave him the Magic Carpet, flew to Mayanagari. The Queen Maya then changed herself into Princess Rupmati and took off Tawiz from Bahadur's neck. But as soon as she took Tawiz in her hand, it bursts into flames and she becomes unconscious. As she rose again, her wicked mind had undergone a complete change, and she was transformed into a noble woman. She then assembled her army under the leadership of Bahadur and joined the holy crusade against the tyranny of Nagraj-her own brother.
Did Nagraj succeeded in his evil plot? How he faced his own sister in battlefield?
What happened to princess Rupmati, King, Bulbul & Maina?
Did princess Rupmati win the love of Bahadur?
Who was Patalvi? Why he helped Bahadur?
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