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Jawani Ke Jalve (1987)

  • GenreThriller
  • FormatColour
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingA

Dilip is a student belonging to a wealthy family. He, as the only son, get money, love and affection, more than he needed. He is instigated by his friends like Vinod to intoxication and pre-marital sex. Dilip's would be bride Anita, objects to pre-marital se with her and also tries to free him from drug and alcoholic addiction.

Disease due to indulgence in unnatural sex leads Dilip in committing suicide.

Due to untimely death of his only son, the grief striken father (Dilips father) pledges to fight against this dreadly disease and for this purpose sends Dr. Pavithran, who treated Dalip, abroad for further studies in medical field. He also builds a hospital in memory of his son, called Dilip Memorial Hospital.

Prominent doctors of Dilip Memorial Hosptal Dr. Pavithran and Dr. Malathi, strive to join families broken due to ignorance and carelessness, Show and explain scientific methods in abortion etc. lead happy and healthy family life by way of modern family planning and welfare methods. Maintain health and body figure in Yogic ways and thereby eliminate the tendency of suicide from the young minds. Their selfless services and relentless efforts bring promising results in solving the problems faced by the present young generation and succeed in cultivating a healthy generation for which they stood for.

One day unexpectedly Vinod, friend of late Dilip, reaches the hospital for check-up, there was no difficulty for the doctors from the diagnosis. To confirm that what Vinod had been suffering from is nothing other than AIDS-the deadliest disease of the age 'Demon of 20th century', the reward Vinod finally got for his loose life due to ignorance of what the young generation should know.

The painful and miserable end of Vinod as a result of misuse of youth which unitmately ended in becoming a victim of a disease of cure for which the medical world is yet to find out with clear expression on the face of others in the hospital and suitable orchestra on the background creates in the mind of the audience a sense of fear and hatred towards so many social evils which destroy the present generation and the movie ends leaving in the minds of the audience a firm determination to keep away from the evil paths.

(From the official press booklet)