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Jungle Mein Oye Oye (1990)

  • Release Date1990
  • GenreThriller
  • FormatColor
  • LanguageHindi
  • Gauge35 mm

Andaala Deevi is a remote Island. The people who are dwelling there are ignorant illiterate and innocent. Jagan, a criminal enters into the island. He starts exploiting the innocent people and becoes the god of them. They think that he is (SUN GOD) and starts devoting him. He takes the advantage and exploits them. He enjoys their devotional treat, and is living like a king of the island and as well as his hid out.

A party of three arrives to the island in a helicopter, for inventing an antidote medicine for drug addicts. Doctor Surekha, her friend Miss Madhuri a drug addict and Kiran, a journalist brother of Surekha comes across Jagan. Jagan and the party acuinted to each other. Madhuri comes along with Surekha to co-operate in her experiments for the drug antidote medicine. Kiran sees Chakori, the beautiful princess of tribes. Both fall in love with each other. Jagan is having intutions of marrying Chakori. He notices the love affair of Kiran and Chakori and warns Kiran.

Jagan steals the drugs packets and drugged cigarettes of Madhuri. Madhuri in greed of drugs tells him regarding the diary in which the formula of the medicine is written. Jagan steals the diary.

Madhuri makes a futile effort to get the diary back, but in vain. Jagan wanted to sell the formula to any country who offers much amount. Madhuri kills herself with a heavy dose of drugs because she feels responsible of losing the diary and she thinks that she has done a damaging loss to her friend doctor Surekha by losing the diary.

The tribal priest decides to match Chakori with Jagan and the marriage is being celebrated. Kiran comes and takes away the bride and runs. Jagan makes a futile attempt to stop him. Jagan arrives to doctor Surekha's camp and insists on her to finish the formula and give it to him. He stakes Kiran's life with the formula.
The formula is finished and the drugs antidote medicine is invented, he takes Surekha also along with the diary.

Kiran and A.S.P. Kapil rescue the doctor and kill the criminal Jagan.

Kiran marries Chakori and stays in the island to educate the tribals. He sacrifices his ambitions and advantages for the uplift and elevation of the tribals lives.

[From the official press booklet]