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Karm Yodha (1992)

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Operation Vijay was the name of the mission, which scattered the dreams of PAKISTAN I.S.I. & military to grab the heaven of India, that is Kashmir! Kargil was the place of this war & one of the many officers who had the honour to give the operation Vijay, a grand success, was Capt. Abhishek Kapoor, who brought back. "Tiger Hill" to India.

But this great lion of India was broken & frustrated to see, observe that actual threat of breaking the country was not from Pakistan, nor from the terrorists or I.S.I., but the actual culprits were within his own country, his own town Mumbai and they were the actual weapons used by I.S.I. to disturb the peace of the country & they were prepared to go to the extent of selling this country off to anybody for their ruthless ambitions & greed for money!

Now he is forced to think, whether whatever he did at the border, Kargil through operation Vijay, was enough? Then what about this huge Kargil, "India" as it is fully burning from India. Then Abhishek Kapoor comes out with operation Vikrant, which is a civil force, against all the corrupt system & persons within the country.

What next...? Was he successful....? How could he make a parallel military from very simple and peace loving people of the country.....?

Wait for the answer from our just release Karamyodha The Fighter..........

(From the official press booklet)


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