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Khoon Ki Takkar (1981)

  • LanguageHindi

The spark of Rajan's childhood love with Rajni turns into Sholay. Thakur Pratap Singh (father of Rajan) crushes their feeling and separates them for ever.
Rajani is brought up by Rahim Chacha and groomed a nurse-lady with the lamp, whereas on the other side Sapna tries to win the heart of Ranjan
Sheru Dada (step brother of Ranjan) saves Rajni from the clutches of pimp Goga and invites enmity with him. In the mean time Rajan comes to know that his father had married twice. Rajan fights with his father to get rights of his first mother. Brothers Rajan and Sheru meet frequently in search of their ambition in life but unfortunately they do not recognise each other. Their friendship turns into enemity for some misunderstanding. Sheru's only ambition in life is to find out his father and kill him out of revenge.
Thakur brings Goga to his haveli thinking him to be his own son. Rajan exposes the real picture of Goga who tries to finish him up but fails.
Under pressure Rajan is engaged with Sapna. While driving rash, he gets lost in his childhood reveries on hearing Rajni's song on car-transistor. Later on he meets with accident and is brought to the same hospital where Rajni is serving as nurse.
Sapna requests Rajni to save the life of her would be husband by acting as Rajan's childhood love. Rajni cures Rajan and walks out from his life wishing Sapna good luck.
Some how Rajan discovers that Sheru is his brother who loves Rajni. So he sacrifices his love for his elder brother and agrees to marry Sapna.
Goga poisons Sheru against Rajan to get his rights and at the same time Rahim Chacha reveals him the height of injustice being done with Rajni. Sheru bursts out like roaring lion and reaches the marriage Mandap before Rajan could marry Sapna.
There is terrific clash between blood relations who fight among themselves for their rights. Goga also reaches there with his full force.
Ultimately justice gains victory.
Could Goga succeed in his trick?
Could Rajni arrry Rajan?
What happened to Sapna?
Could Sheru really kill his father?
Satisfactory reply of all the above questions can be seen in an ambitious film "KHOON KI TAKKAR".

(From the official press booklets)