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Khwab (1980)

  • LanguageHindi

Khwab is a blend of dreams. It is an ambition of Pratap to be an entity by his own; a desire of Maya to be loved by Pratap; and yearning of Gopal to have Pratap's friendship and a craving of Indrani to live happily ever after with her beloved, Pratap.

"If dreams were to sell, what would you buy?

A cottage lone and still with bowers nigh

Shadowy my woes to still I die"

Pratap a young ambitious man, who comes to the city as a non-entity does finally achieve success, but at the cost of a great friend, Gopal. Gopal's only happiness is to see his sister Maya happy. For this he needs Pratap's help by way of his consent to marry Maya. But this was not destined. The fulfillment of Pratap's aspirations leads him to his employer's attractive daughter Indrani, who enamors him. Maya, who is totally oblivious of Pratap's love for Indrani, encourages her own love for him, and one night, when Pratap, in his drunken state, gets lured by her beauty, Maya succumbs to her passions and later learns of bearing Pratap's child in herself. Before she can divulge this news to Pratap she hears of his proposal to Indrani.

What happens to Maya after this? Does her eternal love for Pratap conquer all odds or does Indrani fulfill her dreams instead. Does Pratap's friendship with Gopal survive? What is the outcome of this circle of love?

"KHWAB" is the answer.

(From the official press booklets)


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