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Kismet (1956)

  • LanguageHindi

Fortune is a mystery. Once fortune turns away, Kingdoms scumble down and beggars become Kings.

It so happened when fortune turned away from a centuries old Royal dynasty and smiled on Vazir, Vazir became a king and the Royal king a captive in his hands.

But even after becoming a king, the vazir could not lay his hands on Royal treasure. He tortured the captive king in various ways but could not know the secret of the treasure. Time passed and with it, the story of the Vazir's misdeeds also lengthened.

One day, Zarina, the princess of Egypt, to whom the Vazir wanted to make his queen forcibly, ran away in disguise from the Royal palace and found her refuge in Salim's house. In fact, Salim was the prince heir to the very same kingdom. He was rescued from the clutches of the Vazir twenty years back by his Maid Servant (Ayah). Zarina's search started and with her, Salim was also captured. His old Ayah went to the Royal palace to get his release but was also imprisoned. The secret of Salim being the prince heir was revealed.

The Vazir thought of killing them both but Ayah's own son Halim played such a trick in disguise of a magician that along with his mother and Salim, he managed the escape of Zarina also. The Vazir tried his all sources but could not capture Salim again.

Salim declared himself to be the Prince heir and one day entered the Royal palace to rescue his father. Knowingly, the Vazir allowed him to reach the captive King. Father and son met and with a view to overthrow the Vazir, they proceeded towards the Royal treasure. The Vazir followed them silently. He thought that he had killed two birds with one stone because he had found Salim and would also get the treasure.

But he never knew that exactly after twenty years, the fortune had turned away from him.

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