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Nayak (1966)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageBengali
  • Run Time115 min
  • Length3201.62 meters
  • Number of Reels12
  • Gauge35 mm
  • Censor RatingU
  • Censor Certificate Number43486
  • Certificate Date29/04/1966
  • Shooting LocationNew Theaters

Arindam Mukherjee is a famous Bengali actor who is travelling to Delhi to receive an award. Unable to buy an air ticket in time, he chooses to travel by train. He has to share his coupe with a family, but he does not mind travelling with them. He is eager to get away from Calcutta where the news of him being involved in a brawl has just been splashed across the tabloids.

As the train winds its way through the landscape, the passengers begin to interact with each other, revealing their deep-seated insecurities. Arindam meets Aditi Sengupta, a young, opinionated woman who runs Adhunika, a women’s magazine. Aditi is not impressed by Arindam’s stardom, but she decides to interview him for her magazine, hoping to attract more readers. At first, Arindam is hesitant to share information that might tarnish his image, but in the course of their conversation, he reveals more and more about himself. Through a series of flashbacks, Arindam revisits his regrets: he started out as an actor in a theatre group, where his mentor Shankar warned him against joining the film world. He looks back on the compromises he made to become a star, and the films he acted in which he himself detested. In his dreams, his guilt creeps up on him. He dreams he is drowning in heaps of money which hide bones under them, and when he calls for Shankar’s help, he does not rescue him. In another dream, he relives the brawl. By the end, Aditi begins to empathize with Arindam, and she tears up her notes, deciding not to publish his private fears and anxieties.




National Film Awards, 1967

Bodil Award, 1967

Berlin International Film Festival, 1966