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Krishnakanter Will (1932)

  • GenreDrama
  • FormatB-W
  • LanguageBengali

A cinematic adaptation of Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay’s famous Bengali novel by the same name, the film begins with landlord Krishnakanta Ray having a disagreement with his elder son regarding his last will in which he has given equal share to his dead brother’s son Gobindalal. Feeling betrayed and cheated the greedy elder son bribes a worker to swap Krishnakanta’s real will with a fake one but he fails to complete the task. The son then offers the same job to a local widow Rohini saying that if she succeeds, he might consider marrying her. Rohini manages to swap the wills but then realises her crime and goes to return the will and it is now that she is caught by Krishnakanta. Livid with her actions the landlord wants to drive her out of the village but is stopped by Gobindalal who convinces him to let her off. Rohini soon confesses her love for Gobindalal and this in turn makes his wife Bhromor, with whom he had a very sweet relationship till now, feel jealous. Bhromor tells Rohini that she should kill herself and Rohini tries to do so only to be saved from drowning by Gobindalal making the two come closer to each other. Gobindalal soon goes away on business and Rohini starts to sow the seeds of jealousy in Bhromor’s mind by showing her the jewelleries and clothes her husband had given to the widow. Gobindalal receives a letter from his angry and hurt wife saying that she no longer loves him and alarmed, he goes back to his village only to see that Bhromor has left for her ancestral home. In the meantime, Krishnakanta on his deathbed changes his will one last time leaving nothing for Gobindalal and all of his share for Bhromor. When Bhromor returns Gobindalal turns her away and starts to live with Rohini. But soon he realises his mistake and kills Rohini and flees only to be caught by law. After he is released, he finally returns to Bhromor who is now on her deathbed out of grief. The film ends with a frail and disturbed looking Gobindalal hugging the body of his dying wife Bhromor.