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Maa Ki Shakti (1996)

  • LanguageHindi

Four Centuries ago, a remote village is attacked by an epidemic. The villagers in desperation pray to Goddess Shakti to save them from the disease The Goddess come to the village, saves them turns into a statue and settles.
An orphan girl by name Bhavani is a disciple of Goddess, Suryam is a rich doctor  in the same village whose relatives Neelamma and Paddi Raju want to get their daughter married to him and want to become owners of his property their son Gorakh is evil by nature and practices black magic for acquiring super natural powers. Bhavani, who witnesses him murdering a girl reports to police, has him arrested and put behind bars for life Neelamma out of vengeance tries to hurt Bhavani, which leads to the marriage of Bhavani with Suryam. Suryam goes away for training, leaving behind Bhavani in the care of Neelamma and Pedi Raju They try to prove her mad to the public and have her killed with the intention that after the death. Suryam would marry their daughter the Goddess comes to the rescue of her disciple Bhavani, she herself turns into a small kid, gives life to Bhavani and accompanies her back to the house she grants every wish of Bhavani and punishes the villans for their misdeeds.
Gorakh is unfortunately released out of jail on a Gandhi Jayanth day, he comes home convinces everybody that he has turned over a new leaf and settles down in the house. He has the Goddess, who is in the form of kid, driven out of the house out of vengeance for what Bhavani had done to him, he  tortures Bhavani to the extremes. The Goddess comes back, kills him and restores peace and happiness in Bhavani’s life. 


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