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Maha Sangram (1990)

  • LanguageHindi

A long standing feud between the families of Godha Seth (Amjad Khan) and Vishwaraj (Kiran Kumar) reaches its zenith with the extermination of the later's brother through the hands of Godha Seth's ferocious son Suraj (Aditya Pancholi). On the intervention of an elderly Governess (Shammi) the two families patch up and as reconciliatory strategy Vishwaraj gets his son Prakash (Sumeet Saigal) & daughter Neelam (Sonu Walia) betrothed to Godha Seth's household Pooja (Shaheen) Godha Seth's daughter later falls in love with a village smartie Arjun (Govinda), who has been sent to the city for higher education by his elder brother Vishal (Vinod Khanna) who is a strong willed, peace loving and progressive farmer.

Arjun elopes with Pooja. In a further incident Prakash dies in clash with Arjun over Pooja. Babu Hyderabadi (Shakti Kapoor) contract killer is told to eliminate Arjun and Pooja too, which he does.

Against this backdrop, Vishal migrates to the city upon learning the death of his brother Arjun. On his arrival to the city, he is aghast on being informed by Arjun's college mates that Arjun had in fact been murdered. This infuriates Vishal and he confronts Suraj in his house and a deadly combat ensues during which Vishal is hacked with a sword, but is saved by Jhoomri (Madhuri Dixit) a small thief who is under the protection of Babu Hyederabadi. Vishal survives under Jhoomri's care and she falls in love with him.

The scar of the attack does not heal Vishal's bruised heart and he declares war on the gangsters who had plotted against his dear brother. And then begins a "MAHA-SANGRAM" for the supremacy and upholding the sanctity of truth. In the process a number of mysteries are unravelled....

Was Vishal's brother Arjun murdered or did he commit suicide or is he alive?

Is Vishal successful in unfolding the plot to eliminate Godha Seth and his family?

What was the plot and who hatched?

How Vishal upholds the supremacy and sanctity of truth and love?

Who turns out triumphant in the end of the great "MAHA-SANGRAM"?

All this intriguing questions are answered in the nerve shattering climax of MAHA-SANGRAM. 

(From the official press booklets)