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Mera Dharam (1986)

  • LanguageHindi

Though every religion has only one message—Humanity-Brotherhood-Love.

But when the religion turns into fanaticism and reaches the limits of blind faith then it breeds hatred.

And this is what happened in MERA DHARAM—Glorious Rajput traditions gave up the realities and become the victims of false ego—And it pushed the families of Thakur Digvijay Singh and Hari Singh Sengar into the fire of hatred and enmity.

But Digvijay's daughter Durga and Harisingh Sengar's son Jaisingh Sengar were not aware of it and unknowingly fell in love with each other and vowed to live together in life.

When Thakur Bhanwar Singh came to know of it then he played up their ancestral enmity — So that the love lorn heart get separated and he himself could marry Durga. On the other hand when Harisingh's elder son Vishal Singh saw the love of Jaisingh being butchered, he reached the house of Digvijay with the message of Peace and Brotherhood. With his logic he convinced Digvijay and succeeded in persuading him to give Durga's hand in Jaisingh's hand.

But now Bhanwar Singh could have tolerated it — He planned Vishal's murder in such a way Jaisingh thought as if Durga's father had killed his brother.

In agony Jai shrieked — To avenge the murder of my brother is "MERA DHARAM" — And to protect my father is "MERA DHARAM" — Durga challenged Jai.

Both Thakurs declared war against each other—Hatred turned into Bullets and Bombs—But before they could finish each other, Bhanwar Singh's conspiracy was revealed —

Putting life into danger Jai succeeded in saving Durga from Bhanwar's clutches

Love vanquished hatred — Lovers were united with the blessings of the elders.

(From the official press booklet)