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Mera Naseeb (1989)

  • LanguageHindi

"MERA NASEEB" is the story of a woman who was compelled to burn herself alive by three murderers in the presence of her husband & children. Deprived of the loving care of their mother, the children grew up in turbulent circumstances to become young man.

Shanker become a police inspector whose mission in life was to protect helpless women from the kind of Shameful life he had once watched his beloved mother suffer but Nagesh thought otherwise. He wanted to inflict the shame his mother suffered on every woman he met in life. The coming of Soni brought the radiance of love into Shanker's gloomy life. On the other hand, Reema became. A helpless victim of Naghesh's dark desires. Shankar & Nagesh clashed again each other.

Could Nagesh find the three murderers who had destroyed their family? Could Reema succeed in getting Nagesh to be deck her head with the traditional sindoor?
Could Shanker succeed in nabbing Nagesh red handed? The answers to all these questions form the stunning climax of Venus Movies International's emotional action packed musical entertainer. MERA NASEEB.

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