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Mera Yaar Mera Dushman (1987)

  • LanguageHindi

Ashok, Anita and Roopa are the children of Industrialist Seth Jagmohan. Seth Jagmohan has a partner, Mr. Raj Narain who has a spoilt Shakti. Ashok is not very interested in business instead fond of plays, music dancing etc.

Vinod is the younger brother of Dinesh Sharma who is working for Seth Jagmohan and also is the union leader of the factory. Anita goes on a picnic to Goa where she meets Vinod who wins the Boxing Championship from Shakti and eventually falls in love with him. Shakti gets frustrated as he has wished to marry Anita; so he decides to take revenge from Vinod.

Ashok has been forced by his father to take care of the factory as he (Seth Jagmohan) does not attend office due to a recent heart attack. There has also been some friction between the labour union and the management due to some bonus claims demanded by the labour union. Shakti with the help of Gopal decides to instigate the workers and send a morcha claiming demands to the house of Seth Jagmohan. There is a very heated arguments between union leader Dinesh Sharma and Seth Jagmohan, in course of which Seth Jagmohan gets a massive heart attack and dies instantly.

Ashok is convinced that the cause of his father's death is the union leader Dinesh Sharma. Anita vainly tries to convince her brother against this impression as now only he can 'allow her to marry Vinod.

Immediately after the death of Seth Jagmohan, the workers press their demands for bonus in the office. There doesn't seem to be a possibility of immediate settlement. Tension grows! The   workers   get restless. One grows! The workers get restless. One worker, Kundan, tries to attack Mr. Raj Narain with a knife. Dinesh Sharma intervenes and tries to stop Kundan - Suddenly the light goes out and a pistol shot is fired. When light is put on - the scene is - Dinesh Sharma has been shot dead and Ashok is absconding. Now starts the story of revenge. Vinod is on the lookout for Ashok who shot his brother:

Who shot Dinesh Sharma?

Why did Ashok run away?

Was Vinod successful in finding Ashok or the real culprit?

Did Vinod re-unite with Anita?


(From the official press booklet)