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Mil Gayee Manzil Mujhe (1988)

  • LanguageHindi

Vijay is an upright and laborious youngman. Yarning for love drove him towards Renu. But before his yearning fructifies Renu goes out of his life with a millionaire, Dinesh Singh.
His bruised heart finds solace in the arms of Kamini but she comes out to be perfidious and avaricious for money.

Throes of poverty make Vijay realize the importance of money. And in order to earn money, discarding his moral compunction, he joins the gang of Shamsheer Chatopadhya, an underworld don. Having come to know that Kamini has married a rich diamond merchant of Kathmandu, he goes there presenting himself as a wealthy businessman of Uganda, fond of collecting rare gems and diamonds, to take revenge from her.

Vijay traps the avaricious Kamini in his clutches. But before he could avenge his insult and humiliation, Renu blocks his manoeuvre. Renu is the sister of Dinesh. This information banishes all his misconceptions regarding Renu from his heart and he again starts trying to win her love.

Dinesh throws a party to announce the betrothal of Vijay's sister Asha with Ravi. But Vijay takes away Asha from  the party when he comes to know that Asha has fallen in love with Ravi, another gang leader of the underworld.

On reaching his suite in the hotel, where he is staying, he is shocked to find Shamsheer Chatopadya and his henchmen waiting for him. Asha is very much hurt to know that her brother works for Shamsheer and he has amassed wealth through illegal means.

Vijay promises Asha that he will toil hard, even starve, to earn through honest means and leave the gang of Shamsheer forever.
But Shamsheer exterminates those who dare to leave his gang.

What happens furhther? To know see, "MILGAYEE MANZIL MUJHE".

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