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Mohabbat Ki Arzoo (1994)

  • LanguageHindi

Rai Bahadur Mahendra Pratap's (Mukesh Khanna) daughter Poonam (Zeba) and Raja (Rishi Kapoor), a mechanic in Anna's (Mehmood) garage, fool each other at the very outset.

Though she hails from a rich family, Poonam says that she is very poor and Raja proclaims that he is very rich. They fall in love and when their true identities re exposed, they come even closer to each other. However, Rai Bahadur does not approve of their love and succeeds in creating a fit between the two.

Jaggu Dada' (Danny Denzongpa) daughter Shalu (Ashmini Bhave) is also in love with Raja but never gives vent to her feelings. She knows that Raja and Poonam are in love and always prays for their happiness.

Rai Bhadur wants Poonam to tie the knot with his friend Dr. Anand's (Kader Khan) son, Amar (Rishabha Shukla). Dr. Anand happens to know that Poonam is in love with Raja and does not want to marry Amar. Therefore, he advises Rai Bahadur to get her daughter married to Raja but Rai Bahadur rejects the proposal and insults Dr. Anand.

Now Dr. Anand, Jaggu Dada, Anna and Shalu are on Raja and Poonam's side and want to bring about their re-union. Rai Bahadur is their lone opponent. Will they succeed?

To know the answer, you will have to watch.... 'MOHABBAT KI ARZOO'.

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