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Mohra (1994)

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MOHRA is a contemporary subject of people who make use of others as pawns in achieving their purpose. But at the same time they do not realise that all human beings are pawns in the hands of fate and destiny.

Vishal Agnihotri (Sunil Shetty) is sentenced to life imprisonment for killing four college students who are responsible for the death of his wife Priya (Poonam Jhawer). Roma Singh (Raveena Tandon) is a journalist, who comes across Vishal in the jail, where Vishal saves her from other jail hoodlums. As a return of gratitude Roma works hard on Vishal's case and puts i up in front of her boss Jindal (Naseeruddin Shah) who is a blind but a very intelligent and respected owner of a leading newspaper in the city. Jindal, through his media re-opens Vishal's case and brings it before a committee of a special jury. Thus Vishal is acquitted of his imprisonment. Inspector Amar Saxena (Akshay Kumar), who is also Roma's boyfriend, is not happy with the fact that a criminal is being set free. After Vishal's release Jindal offers a special mission to Vishal where he makes Vishal realise that unless his mission is fulfilled, Vishal's life holds no purpose. After great thought, Vishal accepts the mission but is forced to take law in his hands to see the mission successful. Amar comes in between each of Vishal's activity and forms a major obstacle for him. Ironically, Amar is also pursuing the same mission but as an officer and within the framework of the law. Unknowingly Vishal destroys all the evidence which is required by Amar. Hence the thundering clash between them.

At one point, Jindal, Vishal, Amar and Roma are on crossroads with each other and realise that they all are being used as mere pawns by somebody. But who is the manipulator and who is the conspirator? Then the most explosive drama takes place which can only be watched on the big screen.

MOHRA is a film which deals with the growing problems of narcotics in our country and the heroes of our film try to eradicate this problem which is spreading like cancer in our society. The motto of the film is "Love Life Hate Drugs". At the same time this film gives the hidden message that to finish crime, it is not right to take law in your own hands. By doing so you are only committing another crime. Crime should be curtailed by the law of the country which is powerful enough if enforced in the right manner.

MOHRA has been executed in the true tradition of Trimurti Films Pvt. Ltd. barring no expenses towards style, grandeur and entertainment.

MOHRA is an action packed thriller with a spine chilling suspense and enchanting music.

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