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Mr Bechara (1996)

  • LanguageHindi

Mr. Bechara is the story of a real Bechara - A man pushed and kicked by the destiny from one end to another. He was a victim of the circumstances.

Anand (ANIL KAPOOR) the owner of a printing press which has fewer patronage, works as a life guard. Having lost his wife who left him with a sweet 10 month old tries hard to bring up his infant. 

Comes good hearted doctor (ANUPAM KHER) into his life and there begins his misery. Doctor rescues a beautiful young girl (SRIDEVI) from the clutches of death. The girl has no past or present. As fate would have it, she is an amnesia patient. To bring her back into sanity, doctor has to produce husband for her.

Our hero was forced by the clever doctor to act as her husband; but with good intentions. The girl regains consciousness minus memory with a readymade husband beside her.

Everything was arranged to meticulously by the doctor she was convinced that Anand was her husband; but certainly to the inconvenience and predicament of poor Anand. When the time went by, Anand took his husband's role too seriously to find himself falling in love with her.

When doctor thought everything was fitting in place properly, walk in another man to Asha's life from the past. Now it was the doctor's turn to run.

Who was the man from her mysterious past? How does he fits into Asha's life and where does that leave the poor MR. BECHARA and the hapless doctor.

The answers are very much before you - ON THE SCREEN.

(From the official press booklet)


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