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Murde Ki Maut (2000)

  • LanguageHindi

Reena, a beautiful girl who studies in a college in with a boy Rajesh. Vijay who studies in the same Colelge is also in love with Reena, but Reena considers him only as a friend.

During summer vacation, Rani, Vijay Tony and Nisha plans as outing. Rajesh is not interested in going with them, because he is busy, but every - on forces him except the invitation to join them. Everyone agrees that Rajesh will leave one day before for his friends work.

When Rajesh was going with his friends a horror murders his friends and injured hem badly.

Here when Reena, Vijay, Tony and Nisha reach the guest house in Goa where Rajesh was supposed to meet them, are worried, as they couldn't find Rajesh. They decide to wait for Rajesh. In the Guest House, they meet Shakal, and a mad man.

A horror in the guest house tries to kill Reena, Vijay, Tony and Nisha. All of them get frightened and thinks that Shakal, mad man and the Manager of Guest House are trying to kill them. They decide to leave the guest house but finds their care missing. They get more frightened when the mad man, manager and the maid servant gets killed. Late Nisha and Tony also gets killed. Vijay along with Reena runs from the guest house.

Later when the reality comes in light, Reena is surprised what happens next? Who is behind this murder? See Murde Ki Maut....?

(From the official press booklet)


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