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Murder (2004)

  • LanguageHindi

Sudhir (Ashmit Patel) and Simran (Mallika Sherawat) are a young Indian couple who along with their 5 year old son Kabir live in the wealthy suburbs of Bangkok.

But life does not go unchallenged: Already lonely in a strange city, one stormy day Simran bumps into her ex-lover Sunny (Emraan Hashmi). It's an encounter which assaults her with mystery, spontaneity, charm and risk. Sunny succeeds in pursuing her and ultimately lures her into an extra-marital affair and everything goes downhill from there. It puts Simran into an affair which becomes her obsession. When Sudhir learns that his wife has lied to him, suspicion propels him to uncover the shocking details of her infidelity. He confronts her lover leading all three of them down a path of destruction and devastation that none of them could have possibly ever imagined.

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