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Phir Teri Kahani Yaad Ayee (1993)

  • LanguageHindi

Rahul, a Bombay based film director, suddenly decides to turn down all temptations of becoming a successful maker in the accepted sense. Utterly cheap and vulgar surroundings of the otherwise glamorous film world fill him with a sense of disgust and revulsion. He decides to quit the city to find an inspiring real life subject to base his new film on. In search of his mental peace he lands up in a spiritual 'Ashram' where he meets a girl Pooja who attracts him with her strategy intense behaviour. Soon they fall in love with each other. The immortal love leads Rahul to a great predicament where he, in acknowledge of girl's extraordinary mental and hereditary background, had to decide whether to leave the girl for their love's sake or to be with her and destroy her whole existence. He decides to leave her only to find more misery for his guilty self and her broken life. Life for him becomes an unbearable weight with the guilt of leaving her, especially when another woman gets close to him.

At this stage he gets the news of her death and rushes to the spot. Things now take a course which was completely unforeseen. He has to now decide whether to go back in time and space to live in his love filled past or to remain in an ugly and abominable world.

This time he decides to return to his love life and firmly rejects all worldly success and happiness. His journey into the past, full of bliss and fulfillment, unfortunately proves short lived and engulfs further in deep sorrow which is the essence of all good art and creation. He now is able to make a film which becomes an all time artistic achievement yet his last works.

PHIR TERI KAHANI YAAD AAYEE is an unusual film which depicts love and life with deep and philosophical understanding and intense emotional impact.

(From the official press booklet)


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