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Prem Shakti (1994)

  • LanguageHindi

"Prem Shakti" the story of true power of love Love of different kind of a totally different time Love for true first time, between a human being and a statue Between true creator and true created !!!!

Ganguaa (Govinda), is a sculptor whose true worship is "Lord Shiva" and true love is Gauri are re-born. But not as Ganguaa and Gauri instead they are now, Krishna and Karishma !!!!

Krishna in this birth is an artist and Karishma is his form of art. Here we have most instrusting kind of romance between the human and the statue and the most dramatic confrontation between the good and the Evil (Punit).

But the question of all questions is does Krishna and Karishma love materialize? Do they finally unite and become one? And if they do then how? What happens to the war between God and the Demon? The answer to all their questions is "Prem Shakti" the power of love !!!!

(From the official press booklets)