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Qaidi (2002)

  • LanguageHindi

Ravi Varma A.C.B.I. Officer, sincere and efficient officer, His aim is to destroy all anti-social elements which is trying to disturb the peace and prosperity of our nation. Mazdittia and Rudra are rival Mafia Dons.

Kali Shankar a look-A like of Mazdittia kills Ravi Shankars son Bunty. When Ravi Shankar shoots Kali. He goes into coma stage. D.S.P. convinces Ravi Varma and asks him to become Kali and enter into Mafia to find out their whereabouts.

Ravi Varma as Kali elements Rudra and his brother. When Ravi Varma is on a mission to U.S.A. Kali comes out from coma and enters Ravi Varma's home.

He trys to molest Ravi Varma's sister and wife. But he fails. One day when Ravi Varma calls home Kali receives the call. And threatens Ravi Varma of ruining his family. Ravi Varma's mother over hears the conversation and asks who he is. Kali kills her.

Ravi Varma rushes back from States. Kali and Mazdittia about him and asks him for the secret file. 
At last Ravi Varma kills Mazdittia and Kali. He not only saves his family from the clutches of deadly Mafia. But he saves our Nation India.

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