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Qatal-E-Aam (2005)

  • LanguageHindi

Ranvir Singh Rana is a Jailor. Bageera who is a very notorious dacoit breaks and runs away from the jail of Ranvir Singh Rana. Ranvir Singh Rana is found guilty in not performing his duties, so that Bageera could manage to escape from his Jail, as a result he is suspended from his duties. Bageera attacks a village and kills all the family members of a family because he thinks that they were the Police Informers, informing the Police about his whereabouts. One girl is survived from that massacre, and she "Champa" writes a letter to her brother, asking him to come the village immediately, who is staying in the city.

Her brother, "Shiva" along with his friends, robs a bank and comes down to the village. This is the same village where Bageera has massacred the family. At the same time a Police officer "Bhaag Singh" comes to the village following Shiva and his friends to arrest them.

Jailor Ranvir Singh Rana is also roaming to arrest Bageera learning about Bageera, and the prize money Shiva and his friends also want to catch Bageera Dead or Alive. Here Ranvir Singh Rana meets Shiva and his friends. Now all of them are after Bageera. Learning about Bageera Ploice Inspector Bhaag Singh also joins them. In the end, all of them together catch Bageera and bring him to Justice and Ranvir Singh Rana gets back his job.

(From the official press booklet)