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Qatil Chandalini (1999)

  • LanguageHindi

This story is of a girl, Poonam, who wants to become Miss India, and she comes for training to a training institute from the city, to such a place which is full of horror and suspicion. No one can return from that place.

After warning given by servant Atmaram, trainer Sonia and another trainee Tina, Poonam goes to that place and disappears.

Suddenly, Poonam and another trainee Anjali, disclose the reality of that place, and they come to know Sonia and Tina have been killed by training Camp's owners and they have created a horror atmosphere, to fulfill their intentions.  To hide their reality they killed Anjali and Poonam too. Luckily, Poonam get saved but due to bad spiritual Power Poonam becomes a live dead body.

With help of Tina and Anjali's souls, Poonam reaches to Sidhanth Baba, devotee of Chandi temple and he gives her new life. And for her revenge he gives a special miracle power to her. But due to some special reason, a powerful bad Tantrik Bhootnath wants to kill Poonam so he creates disturbances in her aim and he saves enemies of Poonam.

A very thrilling and competitive fight goes on between both parties, and every night of "Amavas", Poonam kills her enemies one by one in the form of "CHANDALINI".

This case was already handed over to Poonam's fiancee C.I.D. Officer Mr. Rajiv. 

Will he arrest Poonam? Will she come to his hands? Will he arrest the culprits?...

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