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Qatil Jawani (1990)

  • LanguageHindi

"Qatil Jawani" is a sweety sexy story of Milky-Silky youthnesses. With the avenges of a hiding revenger.

There is a young lady named Archana who was married with Arun and cruel fate made her widow in the first night. After that, she was given management responsiblity of 'Nirmala College'. But the fate never turned into her favour because one by one three students disappeared from the college within a week. And it became prestige issue for the college management and police department. 

The parents started crying for their sons while the police people acted to trap the hiding kidnapper Archana also became very upset after facing the suspicious affairs.

And one day veracious vigorous dangerous killer was trapped and the curtain of mystery was thrown away.

- Who was the killer?

- What for the students were kidnapped?

- What was the mystery behind the murders?

- What was the judicial decision?

- Was the killer punished or freed?

To get all the answers watch on the screen a suspicious serious ferocious cinema 'Qatil Jawani' under the banner of 'Jagdamba Art Creations' with the views of sexual sensations.

(From the official press booklet)