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Qila (1998)

  • LanguageHindi

Jagannath Singh (Dilip Kumar) is dead I But he is living in the lives of the people who he has tormented - his wife Suman (Smita Jaykar) who he had thrown out of his house (Haveli) when she was carrying his son in her womb lives in a Basti shudders at his thought - His son Amar (Mukul Dev) hates him. Amar drives a truck for his living and is in love with Neeta (Mamta Kulkarni) daughter of the owner of the truck Ghanya Seth (Satish Kaushik).

The death of Jagannath Singh (Dilip Kumar) at the door of his bhabhi Suman and nephew Amar. At his funeral the Family comes across Yamini (Rekha) and her cripple brother Kundan (Malay Chakravarty) who spits - abuse at Jagannath's funeral pyre.

Judge Amarnath Singh discloses to Amar that Yamini had been raped by J.N.S. and her brother crippled and send to prison for a murder which he has not committed.

Judge Amar Nath Singh brings all these grieved people under his roof where he lives with his daughter Lajo (Rajeshwari). He wants to live happily with them trying to mend what his brother J.N.S. has wronged. But then evidence starts arising that one of these very people who J.N.S. has wronged is the murdered of J.N.S. and being the man of the law Judge Amar Nath Singh is not only forced to probe the murder but also to save family.

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