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Rahi Badal Gaye (1985)

  • LanguageHindi

In the valley of Kashmir AMAR (RISHI KAPOOR) is a Guide. He entertains the tourists alongwith his Friend Aziz (PREM KALRA). Amar is in love with BHAVANA (SHABANA AZMI). Bhavana has a younger sister SANGEETA (PADMINI KOHLAPURE). Sangeeta gets into the wrong Company of Vikram (SHAKTI KAPOOR). Amar objects to this and insults Vikrarn. Just to take revenge of this insult Vikram attacks Amar. In the fight Amar is killed by Vikram and the only witness, Bhavana goes insane. 

Now enters PAWAN (RISHI KAPOOR) an AIR FORCE OFFICER, who resembles AMAR. Dr. Mehra (SURESH OBERAI) who is treating Bhavana, wants Pawan to help him. On his refusal Sang comes forward to pursue PAWAN to help them. In this Amar falls in love with SANGEETA ......   

Now what happened to SANGEETA? 

Did she succeed in getting the help of PAWAN to cure her sister? 

Could Pawan reach his mission? 

BHAVANA COULD regain her senses? 

See on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)


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