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Ram Avtar (1988)

  • LanguageHindi

Ram (Sunny Deol) and Avtar (Anil Kapoor) -two friends, as close as a soul is to a body. Ram goes abroad for his studies. On his return, he discovers that he has lost his dearest friend in a ravaging flood.

Search for his friend takes him to Srinagar where he falls head over heels in love with a most beautiful girl named Sangeeta (Sridevi).

Meanwhile, Avtar has turned into an alcoholic and a mercenary who coincidentally works for Sangeeta, looking after her factory and estate; and secretly he too pines for Sangeeta in his heart.

Gundappaswami (Shakti Kapoor) is a cunning venomous man with an eye on Sangeeta's wealth, who considers Avtar the only obstacle in his path.

Ram and Sangeeta meet once again at a fair where a misunderstanding between them leads to a confrontation between Ram and Avtar. The mists of time fade away and the two friends meet once again in a warm hug.

One day Ram finds out about Avtar's passion for Sangeeta and a razing tornado of complex emotions hits him. Eventually, he decides to sacrifice his love for his friendship and willing all his wealth to Avtar, he conspires to create a feeling of hatred towards himself in Sangeeta's heart.

Avtar and Sangeeta wed and Ram decides to go far, far away from their lives. But, unaware of Ram's sacrifice, Avtar pleads with him not to leave.

Then one day, Gundappaswami comes to Avtar's house in his absence and tries to blackmail Sangeeta, threatening to reveal her past to Avtar. Suddenly, Ram reaches there, there's a clash and an accident -but, before dying, Gundappa plants the seeds of suspicion in Avtar's mind.

Torn by suspicion, doubts and hatred, Avtar once again hits the bottle. Time passes and Sangeeta comes to know of Ram's real feelings - but she is a married woman now and considers it a sin even to think about Ram. Then one day, Avtar, too, discovers about Ram's friendship, love and sacrifice and he decides to give his friend his lost happiness back.

And caught in the intriguing web of time, torn between equally intense feelings of friendship and love, these three human-beings once again start on a painful journey towards some unknown destination.

....... see the rest of it on the screen.

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