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Ram Ki Ganga (1984)

  • LanguageHindi

The burden of old age and the prospect of retirement had weighed down Ramdas. His asthmatic wife, polio stricken child and an adult unmarried daughter were a constant added misery. Yet his unshakable faith in Lord Ram was his only hope of survival. He tried his best to plead with his general manager to postpone his retirement, but his pleading had no effect. Therefore he consulted his colleague and only friend Joshi, whose retirement had been postponed by the GM some time back. Joshi confided to Ramdas that he had offered his own daughter to the GM to satisfy his carnal pleasures. Joshi insisted that Ramdas also would have to do the same to please the GM. Ramdas being a firm believer in Ram recoiled in horror at the very idea. He, however, was coaxed into hiring a professional prostitute Ganga for one night to satisfy the lust of his GM. While the GM was having a gala time with the prostitute, Ramdas was disturbed whether what he had done was right. His conscience appeared before him in the form of Lord Ram who strongly rebuked him. 

Ramdas was dumbfounded. He at once headed for the GM's bedroom and demanded freedom for his "daughter". A scuffle ensued. Ramdas was dashed the ground. He bled profusely and was declared dead. Ganga was overwhelmed by the sacrifice of Ramdas and then onwards the burden of Ramdas' family fell on her. While they were healing their wounds, a painter of repute, Arun Mehra came into Ganga's life and a tender relationship developed with promises of hope. But fate willed otherwise. Ganga's ex-husband and pimp Lalu who was enraged by Ganga's deserting him was chasing her like a revengeful ghost. In the meantime, Ganga was successful in arranging the marriage of Ramdas' daughter with Arun's brother. At this point Lalu made his deceitful appearance and demanded an unpayable ransom. Ganga had no choice but to kill Lalu and surrender to law.

What course the law took ? Whether Ramdas' family accepted Ganga ? Whether Arun accepted Ganga or not is the emotional climax of the film ?

(From the official press booklet)


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