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Ramkali (1985)

  • LanguageHindi

Raji Chauhan a senior police officer was a name in the Uttam Pur police station. His sister Raksha Chauhan was studying in Gwalior and staying in Gwalior Girls Hostel. Taksha was in love with inspector Dilip. Dilip and inspector Sultan Singh were competitors in their profession. Sultan Singh was posted to Uttam Pur where he belonged to. When he found his father mercilessly killed by Thakur Shankar Singh and associates when he reached Uttam Pur. Sultan shot a few of them to death and turned dacoit.

Raji Chauhan exposed Thakur gang so he was also done to death by them. Raji Chauhan told his sister Raksha that their mother and a sister were also killed by Thakurs before breathing his last. Raksha could not wait for court judgments. She furiously killed a few of her enemies and entered Chambal Valley as dacoit. 

Sultnan and Raksha shook hands as friends against their common enemy Shankar Singh. There was a dancing girl Ram Kali in that area who resembled Raksha. Ram Kali had regard for Sultan the protector of poor people. One day she gave shelter to wounded Sultan and obliged him by saving his life. Raksha got proofs that Ram Kali was her twin sister. She got Ram Kali married to his friend Sultan Singh. When she was entering Sultan's house as bride she and all others were captured and kidnapped by Shankar Singh.

What happened there after ? Sultan and Raksha could reach destination or not see it on the screen.

(From the official press booklet)

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