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Rampur Ki Sita (1988)

  • LanguageHindi

It's an act of cowardice to tolerate the iniquity and cruelty. But it needs a lot of bravery to revolt against injustice and ill-doings and that too when it comes from the corridors of power and wealth.

Rani and Seeta are the twins. Fearless and dashing Rani is doing her studies in a city college, while calm and bashful Seeta is looking after the lands and catties with their innocent parents in the village of Rampur.

Rani happens to come across the proud and mischievious Raj Goel - the darling son of powerful and wealthy Ajay Goel, and Raj after conceding his defeat feels hurt and disgusted. There is another clash between them where Rani comes victorious against Raj in students union president election. As per their bet Raj wears a saree and takes two rounds of college campus. Ajay is furious and inspires his son to take a shameful revenge. Raj goes to Rampur, woos Seeta and in an act of love makes her pregnant. Rani with her parents goes to Ajay's house but to her astonishment they give their consent for the marriage. But it is a great shock to all when Raj accuses in the marriage hall that the brides have been changed and only insist on his marriage with Rani! Rani as a wounded tigress vows to make them repent for their unfair acts. She challenges to prevent Raj's marriage with any other girl except Seeta and she daringly kidnaps another bride from marriage hall in disguise of Pandit.

So, it's a holy war of justice and righteousness against cruelty of power and wealth. All the heartless gundas are cornering an innocent but brave girl in an attempt to wipe out the whole family to save their ugly faces. But it is destiny that truth and justice should win in the last.

A story of emotions with full of thrills and breath  taking  action  comes  to  the silver screen and natorauly Madhavi in the duel role is sure to dance  her way through your hearts.

(From the official press booklet)