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Rani Aur Maharani (1993)

  • LanguageHindi

A poor teacher becomes a dangerous decoit Bajrang Singh (Mukesh Khanna) after being tortured by the thakurs. His principles are to loot the rich people and distribute among the poors. His colleague decoit Gadda Singh (Joginder) is against Bajrang Singh's principles. Gadda Singh's brother who keep predicting about people's future becomes mad after being tortured by his own brother. Once Gadda Singh gets Bajrang Singh arrested by betraying him and rapes his girlfriend later killing her. Gadda Singh then forms his own gang after getting this news. Bajrang Singh escapes from the jail and starts his search for the culprits. During his trail he comes across Maharani whom he saves while committing suicide. She has been raped by Thakur Vikram Singh (Ishrat Ali) and his fellow friends. Bajrang Singh who saves her, not tells her to take revenge.

A brave and honest inspector Raja is transferred to the village where he meets Hawaldar Dildaar (Sadashiv Amrapurkar) who introduces all decoits to Inspector Raja.

Raja falls in love with a village girl Rani. Formerly Raja was engaged to Maharani, but he is not aware of it. In the meantime, Maharani keeps avenging her culprits one by one.

Here Raja gets a phone call from his uncle who tells him about his engagement with Maharani. On hearing this Raja becomes desperate to meet Maharani.

On fine day Gadda Singh kidnaps his mad brother and Rani. Bajrang Singh, Maharani and Raja came to rescue them. During the encounter Maharani who saves Raja is shot by Gadda Singh.

Rani and Raja tie knots whereas Bajrang give himself up to the police.

(From the official press booklet)


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