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Renuka (1947)

  • LanguageHindi

For the first time in the history of the Indian Motion Picture Industry a screenplay dealing with the most intimate and soul stirring human emotion has been confined to two rooms only.

The whole of the picture finishes in two rooms. In the house consisting of two rooms lived a man who was called Budhoo. He was Budhoo by his actions and not by his name.

His name was Gopal.

He was an innocent harmless man and in the 28th year of his life he was married and got an only son Ram after some time.

And when Ram entered the 12th year of his life, then Renuka-Gopal's step-sister-in-law was brought into the house. Gopal adopted her has his daughter. So Ram got a companion while Gopal and his wife a daughter.

The storms of events came and passed. Gopal lost his beloved wife, she died leaving both children under the care of her husband.

The years passed by and Gopal was now 55 years old. The children grew young. They were play-mates. They were companions, they had affection for each other and perhaps they loved each other. They were happy and the life in that house was sailing smooth.

But, nature changed its course and that simple minded Gopal fell an easy prey to the evil.

He saw in Renuka a possible life partner to replace the departed soul. Aware of his son's love for the girl he tried to discourage him in every way. Finding them stubborn and persistent in their affectionate meetings he tried to put an end to the whole drama and married Renuka having persuaded her innocent and ignorant mother. Little did the old man know that in doing so, he was giving birth to a greater drama. Ram's love was standing before him as his mother. He was not to look into the eyes that he had always adored, the hand that should have been his own as a companion's was to be on his head as a symbol of motherly affection. He was asked by his father to touch the feet of the girl who should have been at his feet as a faithful Indian wife.

Did the old man have peace of mind after ruining his own son's love? Did Ram take the things as they came? Did he try to fight nature ? What was the fate of ill-fated Renuka ?

The answer to all these questions will be found in Jayant Desai's motion picture "RENUKA".

(From the official press booklet)